WRS is honored to host a yearly Mother’s Day Boutique at Venetia Valley School, where students pick out special gifts for their moms.


What we’ve accomplished:



Jewelry, handbags, and accessories-all in excellent condition, are gathered through donations by sisterhood members, our friends, and the extended community throughout the year.



WRS hosts a fabulous jewelry sale, yearly or bi-yearly. This is an opportunity to buy gorgeous items that people loved, but no longer wear.



The money earned from the jewelry sale is used by WRS to support important causes. Please see our Tikkun Olam Report Card under What We Do. Much of the nicest jewelry donated is saved for the Mother’s Day Boutique at Venetia Valley. This is truly a special day for both our members and the students!

The first year the Jewelry Sale and the Venetia Valley Mother’s Day Boutique was conceived and executed, WRS won the Gold Or Ami Award at the Women of Reform Judaism/Union of Reform Judaism Biennial Conference. This was a huge honor! Our program, Crossing the Street: Mother’s Day Surprise, continues to be a program of which we are extremely proud!

Be a part of the success!
Contribute Jewelry, Shop the Sale, or Work in the Boutique. Read our Monthly Newsletter for more information & dates.

WRS Sisterhood Members receiving the Gold Or Ami Award in 2015